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Theme Melody

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Here is a possible theme melody I created for my future game: Orbital Keep (wav, 15.1mb).

I was able to implement every feature in my engine I planned except shadow mapping. Hopefully I can solve all the problems within this week. Next week I want to start to create four fantasy planets.

Reading: Nothing until shadow mapping is working...
Watching: Hellraiser (1982)
Listening: Depeche Mode: The Best Of, Vol. 1 by Depeche Mode
Surfing: Meta Anime Review Project
Playing: FIFA 09 (PS3)
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Recommended Comments

I think the looping could be a bit tighter so you don't notice it too much but... oh and it reminds me of a slowed-up version of the Banjo-Kazooie theme song too, tho I doubt many will pick up on that - it's just me being a bit interpretive [smile]

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