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Newsletter #8 - Secret Feature

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We are happy to announce that the overall progress for the Loradon 3.0 Preview release has reached 50%!

Loradon 3.0 Progress Page

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

"Secret Feature #2" has turned into more of a project then I was expecting. The difficulty rating on the progress page has even been increased from "Medium" to "Hard". The actual feature isn't that difficult, but I need to refactor a bunch of code to ensure that it works. Naturally, this is a good thing.

I have made a few of the much used structures a lot safer to use by adding a Clear() member function. This prevents me from accidentally setting a member pointer to NULL with memset(), and it also makes the clearing code a lot shorter since I no longer have to clear each member one by one.

On an unrelated note; passing 123 variables to a variable argument function is somewhat ugly.

Community Spotlight
Written by Jay, Lee, and pifreak

As the progress of Loradon 3.0 comes closer to its finish (currently at 50%), the players are becoming very excited. Some are viewing the progress page a few times a day to see if any progress has been made, while others wait for news to be posted on the forum. Of course, there are also those who have other viewing habits when it comes to the progress, but that's beside the point.

Clans are a popular part of the SAO community, with many people creating and disbanding them every week. Of these created clans, very few of them are successful and actually last longer than a couple of weeks. The three main clans in Stick Adventures Online are:

  • Sexy Sticks (SS) created by Lee
  • Stick Network (SN) created by AbyssalPhoenix
  • Bandits created by CraterZ

All three of these clans have been around for quite a long time. Most of the active players and those who have been around for a long time are in one of these top three.

As well as clans, some players have also been discussing arranging a pvp tournament within the game, and setting up a time which everyone can be online. This is understandably taking quite a while, but it will help out the community and activeness of the game. Some of the older players are starting to leave, so hopefully this will pose a reason for them to stay.
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