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Minor editor improvements

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I've added a body of usability improvements to the editor, such as letting the player know what they are currently doing to the map:
It also displays the current texture.

This is a relatively minor improvement, but it was something that was really bothering me about the editor. Now it's a bit fixed, so I should be able to more easily bang out some test levels when the time comes.

I also made entities serializable; the game can load and save lists of entities and their states and effectively initialize a level now (short of actors).
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Once the map editor is out the door, you'll be gellin'. I never enjoyed (lie -- I *usually* never enjoyed) writing map editors, so I almost always feel like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulder when it is in working order. The knowledge that you can now pump out level after level in a merciless fashion is the best gift gamedev can give.

(Oh, and huge kudos for this recent progress blitz! [grin])

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