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Now that I've shifted to using a separate set of polygons to do the first-stage map collisions, I realised that there was no reason not to have slopes like the above.

This was previously a bit out of the question due to the way I was welding map shapes together to avoid catching on false edges - adding the two shape types as above would have made the number of possible combinations absurd.

Now that this is not a concern, the above slopes work really well. You have enough friction to move up them if you hold the direction key down but otherwise you slide off them.

I've taken VBStrider's suggestion from the last post on board and have modified the GUI so that you click and release to click a control. If you hold down the button then move off the control and release, the action is cancelled. As VBStrider pointed out, most GUI systems work like this (including Windows). This was pretty trivial to implement since I don't have any kind of button-pressed-down effect. Thanks again for the suggestion, VB.

Next job is to start on implementing static objects that you collide with and stick to that are not actually part of the tilemap.

To do this I need to write a little tool that allows me to load a bitmap, display it zoomed enough to be able to click individual pixels and define either a circular or polygonal shape around it with the mouse, the somehow save this shape to a file.

Because several items might want to share the same shape, current plan is to have a separate shapes.xcs database that stores shapes with a text id. Objects in the level file can then just reference this id to get their shape.

So I think the tool will probably open or create an xcs database and add/remove/modify shapes from the one file.

That's the plan anyway.


Non-dev stuff - I started Jujitsu classes last night. We got a flyer through the door offering a first lesson free at the community centre just round the corner from ours so my and my girlfriend went along to see.

It's not really for her - it was a fairly small group but all blokes, most of whom were prison officers. I loved it though and am going back again on Monday.
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