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MIGS - Day 0

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So I'm here at the hotel, about a mile from the convention center and easily walkable. Thankfully my trip this year was way less eventful than last year, the only snag this time around was an incorrect room assignment at the hotel, but that was handled with minimum fuss and I'm all good to go. The weather is cold, of course, but at least there's no snow or slush or sludge that I'll have to trudge through on my way to/from the convention center. Got the scarf, gloves, 1080 earmuffs and hat all ready to go.

Getting from the airport to the hotel was done much cheaper than last year, when I took a cab. They have a great bus/shuttle service that only costs $15 one way, versus a cab's minimum $30-something airport fee. So I was at the hotel in no time, and after settling in I pieced together and dispatched this week's GDNet Direct. Now I'm actually heading to bed on time, didn't want to stay up later than 2am as the first conference session starts at freaking 8:30 in the morning - what crap is that?? :P

Making matters worse is that the UBISOFT/Microsoft party Tues night apparently starts at 9PM. (the conference closes for the day at 5:30) And yes, sessions begin on Wednesday at 8:30AM again. I feel sorry for the poor bastards with early sessions... and those that have to attend them. Oh wait, that's me.

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