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MIGS - Day 2 Morning

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So I didn't really pay attention to the morning keynote as I was summarizing my afternoon from yesterday and I guess I should have been paying attention because it seemed like a really good talk - in fact I did get drawn away from writing a few times to listen. However Gamasutra will no doubt have a piece on it up in no time so I'm not too worried about that.

Building your first title

Scott Simpson from Playbrains gave a rather in-depth talk about what goes into producing your first game title, with slides chock full of text. He covered everything from choosing your target platform to fighting your way through certification. Finding investors and financing. How to develop your own unique IP. How to pitch your game to publishers. How to stay nimble and not lock yourself to a single genre or platform. And more - I didn't even bother taking notes I'm just going to have him email me the slides, although I wouldn't be surprised if he puts them up online as there is a lot of info contained in the deck itself. So, great takeaway for students and developers new to the business.

Army of Two postmortem

Reid Schneider, Executive Producer from EA Montreal, talked about the development behind Army of Two with a rather formal postmortem highlighting the Rights and Wrongs of the game's creation. He also talked about the building of EA Montreal and how they pushed their original IP to the executives to get proper approval for their co-op game concept. He also went into how they tried to keep the IP properly under wraps as long as possible so they weren't bloodied by the press from releasing details too soon - which was a partial success. Then he covered some of the tools they used to focus test the game and how that factored into their decision to postpone the launch of the game so they could polish it further.

Visit to Edios Montreal

I talked to the GM of Eidos Montreal, Stephane D'Astous, yesterday after his talk and he offered to let me back into the studio (I was there for an official visit last year) to check out the latest on DeusEx 3 and see the expanded offices (they now occupy the entire floor). I met with their marketing director Andre Vu and he showed me a bunch of screens and concept art and toured me through the newer sections of the studio, also gave me a quick in-game demo of the facial animations, which are of the quality of Uncharted's pre-rendered cutscenes. Wow. I also got to catch up with producer Dave Anfossi. They'll be starting up the DeusEx 3 developer blog next month as well. I'm now fully psyched up for DeusEx 3 and I'm promised a game demo next time I'm around.

Now I should probably pay at least some attention to the session I'm currently sitting in, voice recording notwithstanding [smile]
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