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Bend to my Iron Will

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Stephen R


Well I got the footstep code finished today, as you can see from the todo list below. I have to say it kinda helped having a list of simple taks to work through. It stopped me being derailed by the forums.

The footstep was ment to be shiny. I placed down the basic texture with all intentions of adding a glisten to it but when I added the transparency onto it and got it moving and positioned correctly it just looked Right(tm). It looks grey and dusty and the bump mapped cement under it gives it just enough variation to look realistic. I'll show my artist what it looks like soon but I think it fits with the theme of this scene - a dull representation of the normal world to contrast with the exoticness of the following scenes. A shiney foot step mightn't work as well as this dusty one.

I used stringstream for the first time today when parsing the footprint command. I don't know how I avoided it for so long. It is so amazingly usefull. No longer do I have to manually parse a string just to extract several ints, oh no. Yay for stl!

Tomorrow I'm going to update the scripting class. Right now the script is hard coded but the script is getting too long to be hard coded into a .cpp file anymore. It shouldn't take me long to update the class, but I'll be using it throughout the demo so I may as well do it right. I'll pop up my todo list again when I get back from school.
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