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Attn George Hrab

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Sorry if this appears to be in code, regular listeners. I'm posting to George Hrab here for two reasons. . .

1. I didn't see his email address right off on his site.
2. He apparently has a google alert set up for his name.

Heard the mention of good D/FW BBQ. Thought I'd post my faves. . .

1. Feedstore BBQ in Southlake (www.feedstorebbq.com). My personal favorite, as I prefer the dry-rub ribs to the sauced ones. It's in an actual converted feedstore. Dunno where you're staying, but that wouldn't be so convenient if you're in Arlington. It's about 15 minutes from the airport, though.

2. Spring Creek BBQ (loads of locations). Good all around. Good ambience (and by that I mean paper plates and picnic tables).

3. Angelo's BBQ (www.angelosbbq.com). Way over in West Fort Worth, so probably not a good possibility. Outstanding sandwiches. Draft beer is served in frozen mugs so you get little bits of beer-ice floating on top -- yeah I know, not an issue for you, but damn it was a nice lunch when I worked for Tandy in downtown Fort Worth.

Anyway, those are my picks. Dunno if the NTCOF minions already have plans to take you places. If not, contact me at john@thecodezone.com and I'll take care of the driving and the tab.

Hoping to go to the show in Arlington on Friday. We have some houseguests on Friday night, and we'd have to find a sitter, so I'm still not sure.
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