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Gorgon v1.1.3246.24958

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So I've updated Gorgon. You can read about it and any changes I've made here.

A quick question to anyone who's using Google code
First the back story:
I never really questioned it until tonight. But when I went to remove my old version of Gorgon, it told me I couldn't delete it because it had been downloaded too many times. OK, I know that's standard procedure. However, Gorgon's (v1.1.0.0) apparently been downloaded 190 times... That made me think, who in fuck is downloading this? Then I thought about an anomaly I saw late last month. I was looking at the download stats for the recently released v1.1.0.0 of the example files. I think it was like 9 or 10 downloads by that point. I remember looking at it the next day... something like 75 downloads. At first I thought that it was just really popular (hey, I can dream). But Gorgon itself was still only at like 7 downloads or something. Then a couple days later, Gorgon took a big jump to like 80+ downloads overnight. That struck me as odd. And now, as of today, it's apparently at like 190+ downloads. This of course makes it impossible to delete the file (and recover my extremely limited space). I wouldn't care so much if I could prove that these downloads are legitimate AND it was a simple process to get more space (the requests for more quota are REALLY slow in being dealt with I've found). But I have a sneaking feeling that something's not right there since Gorgon's not really -that- popular (and thank fuck, I'm too lazy to handle the fame). I filed a report to Google, let's hope they don't think I'm a paranoid freak [grin].

The question:
So has anyone else using Google code noticed any big, and odd, jumps in their download count overnight or even within a couple days? Do you think some bot is just leeching these files over and over? Am I paranoid? (if you stop being paranoid, that's when they get you)

So I checked the download count this morning, it was at something like 7 or 8 downloads. I just sat down and checked it again, now it's at 70. That just seems weird.
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AH, I think I can help. You see.. I regularly download and install gorgon on all 72 of my computers a day or so after each release. ;)

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