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Planets and Ballerinas

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After I've met the milestone I set myself, I suspended work on iLiNX for a week. I used the time to get some inspiration for the planet creation. Therefore I watched for example the fantastic BBC documentary Planet Earth - the only blu-ray discs I own. This week I want to to create a nice fantasy planet with some buildings on it for a first in-game screenshot.

I won't go for realistic graphics. Instead I want to create a look a bit more realistic than in the anime Last Exile. I must confess I don't have the artistic talent and the resources for a detailed visual realism. My credo is like the one attributed to Virginia Woolf: "Art is not a copy of the real world. One of the damn things is enough."

Hopefully I can create a game as wild and unconventional as Blumenmacht. My flower power shoot 'em up was downloaded many times just because of pure curiosity. Did you know that the ballerinas in Blumenmacht tend to philosophize with the player about their form of existence. But they do this only if they become accustomed with the player after he reached the highest difficulty setting - which probably nobody ever did. Poor ballerinas!

Blumenmacht Downloads:
1121 downloads @ Baixaki
3352 downloads @ Jeuxgratuits
2397 downloads @ Gamedev.net

P.S.: I also used the time to open an account at Great Games Experiment and could need some friends.

Rereading: Lightwave v9 Texturing by Angel Nieves
Watching: The Evil Dead (1981)
">Hubert von Goisern
Surfing: cyberpunkreview.com
Playing: The Orange Box (PS3)
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