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World view and map generation

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Don't get all excited, I haven't gotten all that far from where I was last night. I've been working on the world view (typename changed from WorldView to World) and I think I have a far better design for it than last time. The World is constructed with a world width and height, and it doesn't care in the least what part is viewable. I think that makes more sense anyways.

World also has a DrawView method that takes the width and height of a viewing window, and the upper-left coordinate of the area to be displayed. It currently returns a CHAR_INFO pointer to a dynamically-allocated buffer, but I don't like having 'new' in one class and 'delete' in a whole different one, so I might be wrapping it into a new WorldView class representing the viewing area, with the new and delete calls both in the same logical area. Comments on that idea would be welcome.

Now, about the map generation bit. I replayed the Snipes game, downloaded from here if I didn't post that already, and I've come to the conclusion that the maze is randomly generated each run. I think I'm actually excited about that... but I really, really want to get the core elements in first.

One thing I'm not quite so keen on is the collision detection, although I think it was so horrendous before because of bad design. But yeah... back to World coding.


EDIT: I can't speak for the rest of Win32 - I've never used it in depth - but Microsoft did a great job on the console functions. I just found [Get|Set]ConsoleCursorInfo functions, easily removing the annoying blinking cursor from the screen. I'm being careful to save the original values of things like the title and the cursor settings, so I can return them to normal when the program is finished. I'm not honestly sure what would happen if I left them like that when the program finished, and I had run it from cmd.exe myself.
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