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Newsletter #10 - Installer and Fixed Progress Page

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Stick Adventures Online is now packaged into an installer rather then inside of a .zip file. Some players would install the game incorrectly, so this should make getting into the game a lot easier and error free.

Overall progress on the Loradon 3.0 Preview has reached 55%!
Loradon 3.0 Preview Progress Page

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

After describing the problem I was having with Webkit and the progress page last week, sprite_hound was kind enough to show me a solution that used divs for layout instead of tables. Thanks for the help!

Unfortunately, I can't say much about what I am currently working on since we are trying to keep it under wraps. Hopefully I can make this article more interesting in the next issue!

Community Spotlight
Written by Jay

Thanks to Invisible's new SAO Installer, players will no longer need to extract the files manually in order to play the game. This rids players from an unexpected error that occasionally occurred with the game before and during extraction. Since no more errors will present themselves, players are expected to be more populous because none will be turned away from the game due to install errors.

Bomboms0, a Loradon player, has recently decided that he will host a Loradon 2.1 Christmas event. Bomboms0 is currently raising funds and prizes by asking players to donate gold and items. The event will consist of many games that will create a competition between players. Winners of the games will be rewarded with a prize (gold or items). Bomboms0 is hoping several players will log on to join in the festivities, so he can provide fun and a merry Christmas for all those who attend.
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