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So that project that I thought would clear out once released? The hits just keep on coming with that. The project involves linking some payment processing with a new peer. First the peer neglected to implement one of the codes we needed. There's a bunch and it's a rare code, so we didn't catch it in testing. Unfortunately their company is made from red tape. So instead of doing a db insert (that takes a change control meeting and a 4 week release cycle), we had to re-number the id on our clients. Some 500,000 updates.

Then we were told that sending two files to their server for processing (with the same name; all their other files have names with datestamps) doesn't actually overwrite the last file. Some magic they've hacked into sftp (more likely cron) places the files into a queue. And then when processed, they're only processed one per day. No, processing all the waiting files would make too much sense.

And then today I find that my coworker botched the query for some account info. Is probably going to cause insufficient fund penalties for some 2000 people.

Great work on my first semi-major project lead; got some work to do it seems. Might've been easier with, I dunno... project managers or QA people. Still, my fault for not demanding them (even though the company doesn't really have any on staff).

At least all my actual code works without issue.
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