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More World drawing

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First things first: [insert paragraph of rage]. I just lost everything I typed out for this post because I lost my internet connection right when I hit Reply. ARGH.

*sigh* Okay... After some comments and discussion on #gamedev, I decided to get rid of World::View and the DrawView functions. I replaced them with two functions, SetScreenBuffer() and Draw(). The first sets the console screen buffer to draw to (via a HANDLE), and the second draws the World to the screen. Draw() is important here; I'm sure you can figure out in about five seconds how SetScreenBuffer works.

World::Draw() takes two parameters: a SMALL_RECT& defining the viewing rectangle, and a COORD specifying the upper-left coordinate of the view, relative to the screen buffer being drawn to. Being able to specify the screen buffer via SetScreenBuffer() can be useful in case you want to do double-buffering or something, but in this case it's useful because I created a new buffer for the console, and I want World to draw there instead of the original buffer. (Hey, look at that, the last few lines in the editor all begin with "buffer" at the beginning. Including this one! ^_^)

EDIT: I was going to add something into this past paragraph, but I didn't want to break the line of 'buffer' >_>. You can use an offscreen buffer to edit what the View gives you, too. For example, changing the background color or odd things like that. You could draw entities in at this stage too, sprites and whatnot, but in this case, I'm going to let the World handle that.

Here's the code for Game::Draw(), which calls World::Draw(). It includes the older version of the code too, for comparison.

void Game::Draw()
/// Old version
World::View worldview = world.CropView();
SMALL_RECT drawRect = {0, 3, worldview.Width()-1, worldview.Height()+2};
COORD origin = {0, 0};
COORD worldsize = {worldview.Width(), worldview.Height()};

WriteConsoleOutput(hOut, worldview.CharInfo(), worldsize, origin, &drawRect);
/// New version
SMALL_RECT cliprect = {0, 0, world.Width(), world.Height()};
COORD drawloc = {0, 3};
world.Draw(cliprect, drawloc);

The first thing I noticed was that it's much easier to specify where to draw, not to mention to see where the drawing coordinate are in the first place. The old version had them integrated into the drawRect. In the new version, everything looks much clearer, and concise too.

Incidentally, this approach makes it a bit easier to add a flag to World::Draw for wraparound views. That is, if the right edge of the map is visible near the middle of the viewing rect, the left edge adjoins to it and continues to the right, wrapping around like a cylinder or sphere. (You don't sail off the edge of a cartographical map, you return to the opposite edge)

Also note the interesting assortment of comment blocks here. Each of the comments with a * in it acts as part of a toggling structure, with the first /*/ acting as the switch. If the switch has two stars (or zero), the old version code is active. If it has only one, the new version code activates. I thought it was nifty.


P.S. This post is waiting for me to send it right now, because the internet is still down. Thankfully, I saved it to a text file this time, just in case.
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Original post by Twisol
First things first: [insert paragraph of rage]. I just lost everything I typed out for this post because I lost my internet connection right when I hit Reply. ARGH.
Internet Explorer perchance? That's one thing that always drove me insane about IE...

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Nope, Google Chrome. And technically it should have saved it except that I hit Back and Forward a lot because the page wouldn't reload because of the disconnect.

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