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Evil Steve


Yay for Devkits. I just backed up my TWEWY (The World Ends With You) DS save game by copying the EEPROM contents to a file at work, since it only supports a single profile and my girlfriend wants to play it.
And we got our copies of Track Mania sent to us, so I copied our Creative Director's save game from his development cartridge to his retail copy for him [smile]

In other news, my Flatmate is moving out at the end of January, so I need to decide what I'm doing pretty soon. I've been half looking at buying a place, and I can afford a reasonable place if I get a mortgage on my own, but with the current economy nonsence, I don't know if I want to buy a place that soon. The other alternative is moving back to my parents place for a while, since I really don't want to rent a place for 6 months, and I don't particularly want to stay here since I expect my flatmate to ask for half of the deposit back when he leaves, and I doubt we'd get the whole deposit back when we move out which would mean I'd be out of pocket. That and this place is pretty big, and would just end up with 2 spare rooms (My flatmates bedroom and the PC room which I don't really use.

On the coding side, I've actually been coding recently. Not a lot though, I've been working on a DNS lookup library (Just for the learning experience really), and now that's done I'm working on a tool for work (in my spare time), which will let artists create a sprite definition file from a texture, by dragging out rectangles on it to show what regions of the texture should refer to what sprites - currently we just enter the UVs or pixel coordinates and texture size in code / script, but that's not very maintainable and will be getting changed at some point - this new system would let the code just specify a sprite ID / name / index / whatever.
I'll be chucking the app up on my website when it's done, since it's useful for PC development, my own projects, and any other platforms that use textures for 2D art.
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