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Weekly Sitrep

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Facebook Contest

Soooo two weeks ago was the start of the Facebook t-shirt contest, which sorta hasn't taken off so well, yet. Obviously people are like "well, I have to buy a t-shirt? Come on??" which is a rather understandable sentiment in these tough economic times. Well, I can say the the Cafe Press products are not significantly marked up - John says he rounded up to the nearest dollar when setting prices. So this isn't us trying to make money, just trying to get a little more fan participation going on over at the FB page. We have given out quite a handful of GDNet t-shirts over the years though at various events and conferences, so hopefully some of those people are fans and snap a photo of themselves.

Really tho I think the prize of GDNet+ just isn't all that lust-worthy (ok, acceptable) so what I really have to do is scrounge up some cool conference swag to giveaway in the grab bag prize. I'll post a picture and details next week.

Event Coverage

My take on VGXPO will be coming this Friday, but I've pushed MIGS back to next week. I was considering splitting it up into 2 parts but... nah. Just waiting on some stuff from the conference organizers so I can finish up all my summaries. It's partly my fault, I need to remember to send out my requests before the end of the conference, not after, as afterwards things are rather hectic and responses are slow.

GDNet Podcast

It's been something we've been kicking around for like 3 years now, but never actually gotten around to doing it. The closest we've come is airing something on IndieZen Radio a few months ago back when we were working with them.

Thing is though - what would we use it for? There are so many podcasts out there these days it's hard to keep track. Anyone have any good game developer-oriented podcasts that they listen to? What would you like to hear from a GDNet podcast? I don't think we've ever asked the community that before.

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