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Udo updates

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Got a few little details updated on Udo.

Firstly, I've updated the GUI I stole from my previous project to work via the keyboard rather than the mouse. I don't like having a game played with the keyboard suddenly switch to mouse input when dealing with the menus.

This was pretty trivial really.

Secondly, I've given up with linear filtering and removed it as an option from the graphics window. Now I've stopped flooring my vertex co-ordinates as per journal entry a few days ago, filtering is causing some odd artifacts at certain positions, so I've just stopped using it altogether. I don't really need it in a sprite game as filtering is applied by StretchRect() when I draw to a non-native resolution.

Finally, got the spinning stars back in, although nothing happens when you touch them yet. I need to get some kind of particle system working first.

Got the day off tomorrow as we're getting Sky+ installed. I'm switching over to Sky for my broadband on Thursday. No horror stories, please. I'd rather not know unless it happens to me [smile].

Good stories about switching to Sky Broadband are fine though.
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Original post by phantom
I knew someone who switched to Sky Broadband.
5 months later... BAM! herpes! [sad]

Is that all? Christ, nothing to worry about there then. I have Hermes. It's like herpes, but I'm only a carrier.

(Groooann. Bad STD joke).

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