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My game is running faster. Really faster.
I used gprof to find where the game was spending the more time and improved the code there.
I took some time to replace my own "double-linked-sorted-list" class by a simple stl::vector in some of my code. I still have some places where I want to replace it but I already get really good results. I think it is possible to have a stl container that can manage the sort but I will have to check if it can make things faster than without the sort.
During the various tests, I was surprised by the large amount of triangles rendered. I disabled the objects types (statics, dynamics, statics associated to the tiles) one after the other to discover that I was rendering ALL of the weapons used by the creatures every frame. I changed this to render only the weapons of the visible creatures and got a new performance improvement. Once again a big mistake I didn't discovered early when I only had a few objects in the level.

Here is a new video (bad quality for now, I don't know if YouTube will allow the "watch in high quality" option):
">DDream video 10
Do not hesitate to give me feedback on what to improve/change (like the position/color of the text when you hit or are hit by a creature).

Edit: the "watch in high quality" is enabled now.
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It looks really cool! :D

I'm just curious as to the "glitched" appearing tile at 1:28 -> 1:29 between the lights - Was it further down the Z Axis?

Don't suppose you're releasing a demo anytime soon? :)

- Reelix

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Original post by Reelix
It looks really cool! :D


I'm just curious as to the "glitched" appearing tile at 1:28 -> 1:29 between the lights - Was it further down the Z Axis?

The tiles were not visible because too far from the player and the other creatures. Each character/object can have an effect on dynamic tiles within a specific radius: move the tiles down, move the tiles up. The player can pick up items to increase/decrease this radius. This, combined with the fact that some tiles move slower and that the player will be able to pick items to increase/decrease his speed, will have an importance in some parts of the level.

Don't suppose you're releasing a demo anytime soon? :)

I would like to release the completed game before March next year and I don't think I will have the time to work on a demo before.

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