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I have released a new package of the editor compiled using Code::Blocks (GNU GCC) I think this release is a little bit less dependent on Microsoft DLLs. It is now also possible to move the camera with the keyboard (cursor keys). Keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • "b" - Place structures on the map.
  • "a" - Move structures up and down (z).
  • "m" - Move structures on the x/y place.
  • "c" - Add characters to the map.
  • "d" - Delete a structure, character, sound, zone or light.
  • "s" - Add a sound source.
  • "l" - Add point lights to the map (at most 4 point lights in the same sector).
  • "," - Pick structure by left clicking on it. This tools swaps back to previous tool when pick action is completed.
  • "1-0" - Set smoothing group of currently selected structure.
  • "q" - Show map data, frame time and frames per second (press multiple times for different displays).
  • "home" - Set camera zoom to 100%
  • "tab" - Show and hide interface.
  • "j" - Show palette.
  • "shift+s" - Toggle between different snap settings.
  • "n" - Calculate visible normals.
  • "shift+n" - Calculate all map normals.
  • "cursor keys" - Pan camera.
I should start writing a small document containing this stuff. Well some other day :-)

Anyway you can find the download at OddGames. It is still required to have OpenAL installed.

That is all for now, have fun!
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