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Newsletter #11 - The Bet

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The overall progress on the Loradon 3.0 Preview has reached 58%! This is up from 55% the previous week.
Loradon 3.0 Preview Progress Page

From the Programmer
Written by Invisible

After working on it for the past month, secret feature #2 is finally finished! This means that we were able to release a demo to the development team for testing last Friday. Within an hour, 10 bugs were found, but luckily they were fairly simple to fix.

Earlier today, I ran into a rather odd problem. I was using OutputDebugString() to output debug strings (big shock) from a member function of a struct that is inherited by another struct. For some reason, the strings weren't being displayed, even though I knew for certain that the function was being called. I output some test strings around where the function was being called, and they displayed correctly... After about 20 minutes of testing, I decided to clean the solution and rebuild. Surprisingly, it worked! For some reason, the struct changes were not being compiled. Yet another quirk to add to my list of things to try if the code is not working the way it should be (right next to the entry on making sure that #pragma pack is being used correctly).

Community Spotlight
Written by Jay, pifreak, and Ace

With Christmas approaching, the Loradon community has begun to feel excited about bomboms0's Christmas event. However, due to internet issues, bomboms0 is unable to get on the game in order to accept donations. Bomboms0 contacted Jaythemage and told him to collect donations in his stead. The event is still being planned out and a possible date for the event has been suggested: December 23rd. More information is being concocted by Bomboms0 and soon all the details will be available.

Since Thanksgiving break started, Stick Adventures Online has been very active. The server had quite a few people on it, anywhere from 5-15 players at a time. A lot of bored people decided to train for many hours; some for almost the whole weekend! The more famous of these are Miotatsu and Dead9000. Dead9000 has managed to level up to 45, which is very amazing. He needed 41,403 experience points to level up this time! Currently, there are only two monsters in the game. The one that gives the most, a pollinator, deals out 3 xp. You can imagine how long it took for Dead9000 to level up!

Miotatsu was level 43 at the start of the break, and has gotten to level 44. He actually tied with Dead9000 (who had the highest level for over a year) but only for five minutes. Despite this achievement, he lost his $5 bet with me (pifreak). The bet was for him to get to 46 by Monday, and the loser of the bet would have to donate $5 to IfThen Software's PayPal account. I am extending a compensation bet: if miotatsu can reach level 46 by next Monday, 12/8/08, I will donate $5 to InvisibleMan's account. (If Dead9000 happens to read this, he will be sure Miotatsu doesn't beat him at all costs! We'll have to see!)

I, (pifreak) found time to level up to 42, promoting myself to the top 3rd or 4th player in the SAO standings. It is unconfirmed what level Alexander is...(41-43?) Now, after Thanksgiving break, the server has calmed down, but the game is still rolling on. I think miotatsu and Dead9000 should go outside and get some fresh air though!
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