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The images show the GUI editor and an in-level shot with collision shapes showing. The level doesn't have anything to look at yet. I want to write a level editor before I start throwing art into it.

I'm focusing on the GUI system and it's editor for now. Then I'll use the editor to make the UI for the level/entity editor. I'll use that editor to build the demo level. I initially had wanted to use 3dsMax for the level editor, but needing to re-export and import my level from Max for small changes would just be tedious. I like the experience of writing a GUI system that I understand, and I'm learning a lot in the process. I won't need to worry about adapting my program to a GUI library if mine will suffice. :)

It was an interesting process to wane the GUI editor off of my old text format and onto the new binary format. The minimum functionality my system needs to be self-editable is the ability to change an element's tag (string). The tag is what's used to identity the element when a GUI_Event is handled. Once I had the ability to change the tag, and save/load a GUI_System, the editor could use a UI that it had exported! I'm not using a scripting language, so a GUI_System's behavior will be hardcoded, but that's good enough for me.
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I have got to admit I like how your game is looking. I also liked the MegamanX games so do them justice. good luck. :)

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