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Explosions in the sky

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Missed me? I just spent several weeks wrapping up the semester, so I'm going to make an update here before final exams get hot and heavy.

I made a bunch of changes, but didn't let you guys know. Sorry!

Afterglow gained a tabbed window control, which will be used to change between inventory and character setup:

It also gained explosions, which are implemented as area-effect entities which fire once but remain visible for a short period of time, drawing their asplode sprite.

I'll have to start work on enemies eventually, and that means that I'll have to implement dying, experience gain, and a bunch of other stuff. I also intend to fix some of the wonky-ass collision.

Next semester is going to be an interesting proposition -- I've been accepted to a games programming course. I take a week of lectures from industry people (last year, Radical, this year, who knows?) and then have the rest of the semester to develop a racing game. My idea for a racing game is to write a crappy car simulator; so many racing games give an unrealistic view of road racing because they give you these awesome tuned cars to race around a track. I'm going to try and implement as much of a simulator as I can (I already have a six-speed gearbox working using the Cavalier gear ratios) and then see if I can make it vaguely fun. Unfortunately, there's a proposal stage, and I'm hoping that the rest of my group (as well as the prof) will be okay with my idea. Racing a Neon around the Nurburgring and trying to keep your doors from falling off doesn't sound nearly as fun as it is.

Another difficulty will be trying to convince my team that they shouldn't abandon my copious amounts of pre-existing base code just because the lecturers said that OpenGL is used rarely in industry. It would be depressing to have that happen, so hopefully the promise of having a fully rigged user interface library and a ton of pre-existing code and examples will tip the balance in my favour.

Ask anyone who's spent track time -- it really is fun to drive slow cars fast.
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I think you definitely need to work in some sort of probability of your transmission exploding, or at least randomly popping out of gear. That, and if you pick a Leyland car to race, and it's raining, there's only a 50% chance your car won't die in the rain.

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I'm trying to figure out how syncros work so I can make the transmission randomly pop out of gear if you have worn out your syncros.

My favourite BL story is an old codger in some car magazine saying that the horn in his old Sunbeam Tiger caused the car to burst into flames on the first date with his then-girlfriend.

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