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Well my wife is giving my father a kidney and the surgery is tomorrow. I have been sitting here all day and been browsing around so I figured I would come here and post a journal entry.

This surgery has really opened my eyes in my life to show me how short it is and can be if you sit on your butt and don't work for your dreams. I have the same disease as my father and this is a reality check to me to see this process and to see my dad in the condition he is in. So in the last few months I have really picked up on my efforts(I never stopped just was messing around a lot) to get a portfolio and start getting towards working as a programmer. And it has gone very well. I have been working on my math skills(which are in dire need of help).as well I have been not only working on programming theories and syntax I have been working on making sure that I use good style and clean code that is reusable and portable. And I actually have been programming A LOT in both C++ and python. Started working on network programming in unix and windows. So I am very excited for the future. Actually right now we are working on a project for my cousin a spaceship 3D shooter, and its coming along nicely. After that we have decided to work on a game engine for the practice and for our portfolios. I will be keeping this journal more up to date on what we are doing with our projects. I hope to get some good feedback and maybe even help some people.

So keep checking back in and read what I got. I may not have all the savvy programmer terms for stuff and it may seem weird how I describe things but I will still try and keep a log and journal of my adventures for your amusement.

Eric Ranaldi
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I wish you and your family the best of luck with respect to the health issues - many times you don't hear about things like that on these forums, and it is good to remember that there are more important things in life...

I also started out as a self taught programmer, and I can give this advice - stick with it and have fun while you are learning. If you stop having fun, it becomes extremely hard to stay motivated. So just remember to change things up now and again to keep it fresh.

Good luck again, and I'll be watching to see how you progress in your journal!

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