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Weekly Sitrep

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Geez can't believe how fast this month is moving. Hope everyone is staying sane this holiday season between work and shopping... and work... and shopping... and, well you get the picture. This week's sitrep is somewhat brief, not much noteworthy this week besides my first update to the event calendar, which I've gone through and pulled the events from last year through the month of April. Next week I'll go through and add events from May - July. Be sure to let me know of any I missed!

New Resources

Dynamic 3D Scene Graphs - Scene graphs used in most games today are actually scene trees, defined offline by artists. Interesting features can be achieved by instead defining offline a set of rules that explain how to generate a scene tree. By dynamically building the scene tree from a set of rules at run-time, we can support true scene graphs (scene graphs with cycles in them) as well as the ability to host environments with objects of drastically different scales (such as leaves, trees, solar systems and galaxies).

New Events
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