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Evil Steve


Hmm, it's later than I hoped it'd be. I've been abusing GDI+ to support some more file types in my sprite utility.

I don't want to link to gdiplus.lib since that'd require GDI+ is available, and I know it's not on some OSs (Cue someone telling me it's only not available on Windows 98 or something [smile]).

So, my code loads gdiplus.dll, and uses GetProcAddress() to get the address of the functions I need. I get a list of the decoders available on the system, so I can see what file formats are available for the Open File dialog. When a file is opened, I use the Bitmap::FromFile function (Well, DLL export of it) to load the image file, then Bitmap::GetHBITMAP to get a GDI compatible HBITMAP to play with, then I destroy the GDI+ image.

Fun, but probably pointless. But I can now load windows metafiles, JPEGs, PNGs, and so on.

Right, bed time. Office Christmas party tomorrow which could be entertaining. Or dreadul, we'll see.
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You're close, it's not available on Windows 2000 and below. :P

Actually...those versions just don't come with the DLL. You can redist the DLL with your app if you want, it's available for download somewhere on MSDN. A few months ago at work I added GDI+ support for the VB6 (teh horror!) app I work on. We still support 2000 though and my manager didn't want to redist the DLL, so the solution was to have all the code that uses it detect whether the DLL was present via a LoadLibrary call and then block off all kinds of functionality if it's not there. What the hell is the point you ask? I don't know.

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