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Code Has Errors

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I have finally finished typing the 34 files of code found in Appendix A of the latest edition of the Dragon Book. All the files compiled just fine. So tonight I typed up the last package, parser, which is the longest file at 207 lines long. I get 3 errors, one of them was just a typo so I recompile. 3 errors again. I look at the errors and it seems they are NOT typos. :(

Which really sucks because I typed all this code up just for there to be errors in the code that was published. It really sucks because I dont even know Java so its going to be a pain to try to fix it. It looks like the errors that are coming up all have to do with the parameters not matching the function declarations. I will post the code so anyone who wants to look at the compiler can attempt to fix it. I will give you a cookie if you do!

EDIT: Here is the link to the zip containing all the code. Please note that this is not my code, it can be found in Compilers: Principles, Techniques, & Tools, Second Edition. I tried to type the code just like it was in the book, but I still need to go back and add in all the comments. Here is the code:
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Oh my god..
that website had been down for days so I thought they had gotten rid of it.
I cant believe I typed ALL that code!

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Don't worry, you'll be remembered all over the net now! When the first version is lost, at least, and people turn to your version instead of the original :) At least you learned something, right?

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