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www.getdbook.com is back online!!

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After a long wait (sigh, I need to really figure out how to invent a time machine to infinitely work on side projects) I finally have my book's companion Web site back online (http://www.getdbook.com) - Sorry for the inconvenience! I am now hosting the book material (including the 2 bonus chapters) on my site so you can avoid the publisher site now.

http://www.wihlidal.ca will be coming back online once I finish overhauling the content on it and bring everything up to date.

On a somewhat related side note, I am playing around with the idea of writing another book. Everything from a revision of Game Engine Toolset Development for .NET 3.5 and XNA instead of MDX, all the way up to something totally different.

Any ideas? What would you like to read about these days that is related to game development, C#, graphics, optimization, tools, etc.. ?

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