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Do you want a script with that?

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Stephen R


Just got my homework done for the weekend. So now its time to get down to work. I'm going to work on my scripting code now.

My scripting engine is extremely basic but it does what I need it too. My script is a linear list of commands which the scripting class parses and executes. If a function returns true then its popped from the command stack and then the next function is run. If a function returns false then the command remains at the top of the stack and the script->run function returns. Then on the next frame it continues running which ever command is currently at the top of the stack. It doesn't have any support for loops / if statements or anything else like that, but for the demo its enough. I'll make a more advanced script engine for Kernel Chaos though.

Most of the code is already in place, all I have to do today is get the script loading from a text file, and it won't take me that long thanks to the miracle of std::stringstream. Anyway here's todays list:

# Get script loading from file
# Extend script contents
# tweak footstep code
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