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Evil Steve


Article 1 is going reasonably well, the code is 100% complete (Still), I've made a few minor tweaks to it to tidy it up and simplify it, and the article itself is between 50% and 75% complete. I've got a lot of [msdn] tags in it, which will be used by my website to match function and structure names to their MSDN pages (Something I mentioned in a previous journal entry), but if I submit it to GDNet or post it in my Journal, they can just be changed to tags or similar.

So far the article covers creating a window; WinMain with a window message pump, RegisterClassEx(), AdjustWindowRect() CreateWindowEx() a window procedure as a member function, and is about to cover starting up D3D, which is relatively straightforward.
I would like to add some more pictures though, currently there's only one, which is the debug runtimes image (The article briefly mentions downloading VS2008 and the latest DirectX SDK and setting up the debug runtimes), which means the article is becoming a large block of text. Which is bad.

Anyway, I still hope to have it all done by tomorrow evening. Bed for I.
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