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Hieroglyph 3

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Jason Z


With Hieroglyph 3 being a plugin based engine, I have been forced to decide what will go into the 'HieroglyphCore' library and what will be put into the engine component plugins and what will be left for the application to implement. Basically, the core library is going to get the entire math, geometry, and utility type of classes.

In addition, I am going to add the event system to the core library. The intention is that the application and the plugin components will both use the core library DLL, so it makes sense to put the event system there. It serves as the glue to allow the various components to communicate, or at least it will do so in a greater extent in Hieroglyph 3.

The other big thing to decide is where the object model is going to reside. Probably it should be in the core library, but I can envision using other object organization data structures than scene graphs too - so I'm not sure how I'll end up going...

I have also decided to revive an old project of mine, called Feedback. It should serve as a reliable test bed for most of the engine technologies, and I think it will be fun to get back into a game application (thanks for reminding me Lachlan!) instead of only working on the technology side of things.
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