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It is about 11:35pm EST, so I'm not quite sure whether this posting will make Friday or Saturday in GDNet world, but I'm close! Also, I'm attempting a cleaner, more professional look via formatting and the todo list above (code stolen directly from Evil Steve's journal and then prettified/modified) so that my big globs of text don't hurt your eyes. In an attempt at my defense, I had been considering making use of the
tag as of this morning, but I just think now I'll steal more ideas from Evil Steve's (and others') journal(s) and throw in headers and junk. Just to mix things up and make it readable, for a change.

rnfnCodeLite Status

In so far as my status since yesterday, I haven't gotten to work on it much. I think I wrote(and possibly rewrote) some things early this morning before I went to work, but nothing noticable. I did catch benryves on IRC this morning, though. Apparently I'd misunderstood his comment on allowing for custom drawing on the text.

I'd thought he had wanted the ability to handle drawing the text or other items in the middle of the text. Which is to say, instead of a simple line of "Sally sold seashells on the seashore.", with custom drawing one might add pictures. Such as: "Sally sold seashells on the seashore." Apparently all he'd been talking about was being allowed to draw behind and on top of the text, not drawing anything in addition to. This is by no means going to cause the problem I mentioned in my previous entry, so I'll probably do it. The only thing is, though, that I might incorporate it into the Lexer and Library classes, since those two would already have the data necessary in each TextNode to know what to draw. In the case of the KeywordLexer and KeywordLibrary, I'll probably allow some sort of drawing if I can work it in. Otherwise, anyone wanting their own custom drawing may have to end up either writing a new Lexer/Library(depending on context) or inheriting the Keyword... variant of either.

Operating Systems Rant, Part 1

I had mentioned something about a rant on the state of operating systems, but since I just woke up from my nap, I'm feeling somewhat relaxed. That and I'm not about to attempt to completely undermine the current OSes seeing as they actually have something that does something. I'm not going to pretend to have sufficient understanding of drivers, file systems, memory management, and other components of an operating system. I've a general idea about these things, but not sufficient to start berating the current setup. That being said...

What with three major operating system, all having been around for a good while in computer years, one or two followups(I'm thinking maybe FreeBSD?), and plenty of smaller ones, there are plenty of OSes. Heck, there are plenty of Linux distributions, alone. But there hasn't been a major new player, as it were, since Linux(which came out, what, 1991?) If nothing else, even if it were based on one of the three major ones, a fresh rewrite/outlook of one of these three might be welcome.

One thing this new OS shouldn't be, though, is a browser. I'd thought it would be nice in the past if there was an OS that was basically a consistently up-to-date browser, and still do to some degree, but that shouldn't be the sole...purpose of the OS. If it were to be incorporated into the new OS, it should be more of a 'mode'. You could, say, swap from desktop mode to web mode, and have your applications in desktop mode either running in the background or suspended completely(such as when the computer is put on sleep mode) depending on preferences set. This web mode wouldn't have to look overly different than your desktop mode, though. Instead of program icons on your desktop, you could have bookmark icons on your 'webtop'. Each webpage or application could have its own window or be tabbed in the same window(I'm thinking of Google Chrome's tabbing, where it is done in the titlebar). So while the entire OS isn't geared towards web surfing, it does basically allow it. The only major thing, and possibly its pitfall, is that it should by default adhere *perfectly* with the then-current web standards while also allowing for 'modes' that emulate another browser, if possible, should quirks still arise from sites designed for browser 'X'.

Trying to keep from ranting forever, I'll just break my OS rant up into parts, not necessarily putting a part into every entry. And hopefully this format will make things more readable, though is subject to change until I settle into a 'groove' with it.

Thanks for reading!

[EDIT: Something freaky weird is going on with the times. The time this journal is listed as being posted is neither the time I started writing it (11:35EST) nor the time I submitted it (~12:23EST). :o]
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