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First Entry YAYSSS

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Looks like I have a space now!!!!!


First item I would like to get out is that I am at this moment making a game in OpenGL. I have worked in SDL for lets say 2 Months with no worthwhiled resolds so I thought it might be good to try openGL.

The game is mainly for a friend of mine who has given me 1 year too see if I can come up with a game and develop it at least to a playable stage by this time next year.

I have no knowlege of OpenGl or how to use it so it will be fun to post entrys of my experience in it. :)

So when I get my check on Wendsday ill be stocking up on OpenGl books and goign to work on this.

Game Name: Joes Adventure (I know it sucks...)
Game Type: Adventure(Duh!?)/ Shooter
Game style: Graphics will be cartoonish, as in bright with cartoon like explosions and stuff. Game will also be 3D and be platform based.

Programming:C++, OpenGL
Graphics: 3D Models made in Blender
Sound: Free audio pieces from the web, any other source I can get them from.

SO far that should cover it. I know it would be easyer for futer games I might make to develop a game engine but being this needs to be done in a year and I dont yet know how deep I want to develop it or how long I will spend in each section of the Game. I'll just develop the game withsome sort of engine build right into it.

So there you go. A very long and probaly boring first entry for my jornal. I hope to get back to everyone once I do some hard core reading into OpenGL.

Cya all laterz!!!
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Thx for the replys!!! Really thought the first comment would be on the lines of 'You are very NOOBISH and will never make any good games in your life!!!' So thx for the replys!!!

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Original post by LostSnow25
Really thought the first comment would be on the lines of 'You are very NOOBISH and will never make any good games in your life!!!

Haha, no way man. I guarantee you know just as much as me and many others here at GDNet, so if anything, you're in exactly the right place. Welcome!

I have yet to delve into 3D API's, so I am interested in watching this project progress - I'm sure I'll be able to learn from it too! Good luck!

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