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Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by Example

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Hey everyone! I guess now that I'm getting into writing journals, why not use it to keep myself in check for my reading progress? I've always had this habit of reading bits and pieces of each C++ programming book depending on which book explained the concepts better, however I really need to motivate myself just to read one book from front to cover and then move onto another book. I guess moving onto C++ is going to take awhile and a lot of effort, however I'm not giving up on C++ even if a Pink Mac Truck runs me down while I'm sitting in my living room.

So far I understand a lot about the basics of C++, even a bit on pointers and how "new" and "delete" work with them. However I'm far from being considered a Real C++ Programmer regardless of completing Tic Tac Toe and a few tiny Text Games.

So to start my reading off, I'm going to open up Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by Example once again and read it from front to back while understanding everything within the book. So I'll be writing Journal Entries based on my progress. Something that should keep me in check with my progress and maybe even motivate me based on how much I've read.

Once I've complete this book, I might read the rest of C++ Primer Plus before starting on Focus on SDL.
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