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So, the semester is over and it's back to work. As a start, here are some randomly generated characters to fight:

From my point of view, it's very good that all of the characters, both player and enemy, use the profiles, because it means the sprites are shared between all of them. That means if I draw a new move, I only will have to draw it once and I'll have it for each character.

Next, I'll probably get weapons working, because it's always good fun to go trolling through a horde of enemies with a baseball bat. Weapons will, upon hitting their target, knock them down. However, the character holding the weapon will drop it if they get hit, and it will disappear if it is dropped too many times(lets say two).

I really want to implement the ability to pick people up and throw them, but it is completely not working right now. In the code, I have the properties of a throwable object in an interface, and any object that can be thrown has to implement that interface. For the enemy class, I have all of the interface methods implemented, but when I actually implement the interface, things go very wrong. Both the player and enemies get stuck in a jumping animation. It's very bizarre, because it happens to the player even though the player class doesn't implement that interface. Well, I'll figure it out after getting the weapons working.

And now an unrelated story.

I rented Fallout 3 for the Playstation 3, and was quite enjoying playing it. I was at the beginning of the game, having just escaped the vault. I got to Megaton, and as the entrance to the town was opening, my screen started to get darker. Then, the colors started to change in an unusual way quickly. Then, the screen went completely dark with the sound still working. My Playstation 3 had failed after only six months of use. I was shocked, because the PS3 is, by far, the least used console, and yet it failed faster than the Xbox 360 did. Sadly, I think I was getting a blu-ray copy of the Dark Knight as one of my Christmas gifts. So yeah, I really don't want to read any more red ring of death jokes, because both systems are faulty.

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It's too late. Nintendo already offered me many, many bags of cash to put Cooking Mama billboards in the game[grin]

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