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Programming Vertex, Geometry, and Pixel Shaders

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Jason Z


Programming Vertex, Geometry, and Pixel Shaders
The book project that I and several others (Jack has discussed the project quite a few times in his journal) have been occasionally writing about for the past year or so is finally ready to be released. If all goes correctly, later today or tomorrow you will be able to access the full text of the book online via the GDNet website - for free!

The book itself has been written by several authors: Wolfgang Engel, Jack Hoxley, Ralf Kornmann, Niko Suni, and myself. It revolves around Direct3D 10 and provides a significant amount of implementation details and 'how to use' information on the API, as well as basic rendering information. We all hope you will find the book useful and informative, and look forward to hearing your feedback!

There has been an extensive history to the project, which is briefly described in the Foreword. The ultimate destination for the book is to get a version in print available for a later revision. Sometimes it is nice to have the paper in front of you to highlight or bookmark, and it would be beneficial to the authors as well to have a print version.

As soon as the site goes live, I will post the link at the bottom of this entry, as well as at the header of this journal. It should be some time by Christmas Eve - so enjoy a day early present! I am certain that you will see other references to the project as well at other locations on GDNet too.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and we hope you enjoy the book!

The book can be found here: Programming Vertex, Geometry, and Pixel Shaders
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The book is a fantastic resource. Many thanks to yourself and all the other authors [smile]

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