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I happened to get my hands on Thinking in c++ 2nd Edition and Thinking in c++ Volume 2. Just skimming through, I learned a bit more on pointers, vectors, and even templates. I will have to take time to read it thoroughly, and revise my code as I go along. I have been thinking of creating my own menu class and other classes for this that glut just cant do.

I am thinking of making the menu class abstract using the command 'virtual'.

//Abstract test//
class MenuControl {
virtual void createMenu(string, string, int) const = 0;
virtual void createMenu(string, int) const = 0;
virtual void addEntry(string, int) const = 0;

Im just messing around with different styles of code from the book. To test some out, i'll probably make a 2d little game engine that simply allows you to read in sprites and place them on the screen. It will allow me to experiment on making menus and toolbars and give me time to look over the book some more.


-Beginner in OpenGL and most of C++ as well, Richard-
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