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It seems I keep coming right back around to user interface coding. A few people I know are pushing for me to write a self-standing C++/Direct3D based GUI library and I'm seriously contemplating it [by self-standing, I mean one that doesn't use any of MY other libraries; it'll still use other libs like boost and STL.]

It would be a decent side project for me to work on while I'm getting into 3D development. I'm not sure though lol. My main problem is that I haven't taken the time to improve my art skills, so I can't produce decent skins at the moment.

I don't know. I'll decide over the next few days and get back to you.

I've been very patient with Microsoft & Vista when it comes to 'security', but they've gone too far. I was using their weather gadget, but I'm annoyed by having to re-enter my location every time it's opened. So, I decided I'd edit their file and change the default location...only to be denied. That's right, I was denied the right to edit a file ON MY OWN FUCKING COMPUTER. I tried changing the folder from write only...only to be denied again. So, I thought maybe it was somehow still open (despite the fact that I exited the sidebar.) So, I restarted my computer and...was denied again.

So, I guess security has come to the point where I'm not trusted by my own computer. Seriously, what happened Compy? We used to be so close... [sad]

Time for bed.
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Original post by Telastyn
That's odd, vista's given me 0 issues.

It hasn't really given me any problems either, I just think that it is ridiculous that I can't edit files on my own computer.

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