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Work has been getting me down. Because there is no school they have put me down for more hours(which is good but it makes it hard to code up anything when I have to go to work almost right when I get up and when Im back, Im too tired too do anything! I recently bought a book called -Game Programming ALL IN ONE Third Edition- It has some info that will help me in the 2D front and maybe in methods of creating games in general. It uses allegro which I cant get to work for anything in VC++ since it gives me errors from all of Allegros headers that this is not defined and crazy stuff like that. So Im using SDL with it instead since I have 2 months of knowledge in it already.

The project Im working on at the moment is using SDL to create a pixel generator. When ran it uses rand() to generate pixels of different color randomly on the screen. Im creating my own class for making pixels and ill see how it will go from there.

I have not forgotten about the OpenGL game I was going to make, but rather.. got side tracked. I would like to use knowledge I gain in making a simple 2D game to making a 3D one. Who to thought homeworld was made in openGL.. so I have encouragement that will help me throughout this.
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