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Lua - itious

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Stephen R


I got the scripting stuff done in a few hours. It works well for what I want it to do, but for a general scripting engine it doesn't come close to adequite for games. I'm going to look into GameMonkey and Lua, to see how difficult it is to set up. I downloaded Lua a few minutes ago, along with the vc7.1 project files. I'll get it compiling tomorrow after I get my demo work done. Once its compiled I'll see whats it like to use. I've seen alot of stuff on using Lua spread over the net so I might just go with that because of the sheer amount of resources. This isn't for Blind, its just for any games I decide to do in the future.

I also spent WAY too long playing the flash games on eBaumsWorld today but they are soo addictive.

Tomorrow I'm going to get to work on the chewing gum. The gum will just be a grid of verts which I'll deform through the script making it look like its being pulled by the invisible foot. It should be fairly interesting, but none too hard.
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So the real question is whether you will post this demo (at least in EXE form) when you are done? :D

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No, me and the artist have decided to delete the demo from our systems and just tell every one how great it was.

Of course I'm going to post it [grin]

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Great! A journal I like *and* a funny author. Now I'll never be able to quit this addiction ;).

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