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Freelancing, Zombies, World of Goo, MM

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I'm running on Dragonforce at this point. Time of night. Morning. [Edit: Note to self: Don't try to write anything at four in the morning.] [Edit: I've had an obvious, stupid typo in my freelance work header there for 2 months. And no one told me! I'm so embarrassed.]

Not only is life insane for me lately, like really insane, but December is also an insane time to try to get tons and tons of work done. It's like family event this, drinking too much event in solidarity with friend who just broke up or people making me go to a party that; it's awful.


But it came to me today while slaving away (heh! I kid. Do I?), that damn, I'm objectively better at this (digital art sort of thing) than I was two months ago. It feels good to be challenged and to grow to meet that challenge.

And not only that, but I'm having to beat potential clients back with a stick. (And that stick is called "these are my rates", hah!); I wonder if this won't change with The Economy and with all of the artists getting laid off recently (eg: EA). I'll hope for the best.


Well, I can't show any art really, but I found this sketch for a digital painting involving zombies that I made a couple weeks ago, so here:

China Mieville has a theory that the fast zombie phenomenon is a post-Seattle '99 response to the images of urban insurrection, like how the first zombie stories and movies were really about slave/race uprisings, and the Romero (George, not John) movies were about consumerism. Neat.

World of Goo

I just played the demo of World of Goo. (It's pretty much the only game I've played in a month besides, perhaps, a little bit of Dwarf Fortress.)

It is a thoroughly excellent game. The design is consistent, high-quality, and maintains a strong theme throughout. Anyone making an indie game should look to how World of Goo does it, because damn they did a good job.

[Bought the game, even. Less than a few beers at a too-expensive pub. Support your indie game industry!]

Murder Motel

Speaking of which, I feel obligated to give a shout-out to Tim, who is working on an internet db type game called Murder Motel. I was doing some top-down map tiles for him, but time has been really difficult to make for him. So maybe I can give him some publicity: Check out Murder Motel!

(I went way too dark with these, as I tend to do. And there's my obsession again with slightly desaturated dark bluish green and dark blackish purple-blue. Picasso had his blue period, I guess I've got this.)
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Thanks for the plug, David. I really like your graphics style and it will be difficult to find someone to create new tiles to match them seamlessly. With that said, if anyone is interested in working on this project to pick up where David has left off, please contact me at: developers[at]murdermotel.com

This is a paying job, modestly so, but paying none the less.

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