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I wanted to get some Tangent work done over the holidays, but the star-crossed work project from hell arose from its state of half-death to suck more time and energy. That and the usual social niceties prevented me from doing anything more than design work while driving about.

I realized though that I can't do much more with the Units of Measure now. The rest of their stuff (mostly) needs to be done in source rather than as part of the language. And that requires class templates to be there and working. Not there yet. Probably for the best; it'll get me back working on that stuff that's more important.

The key things yet to work on for the next release:

- class templates.
- templates as part of phrases.
- phrase re-working to group as much as possible rather than as little for phrase groups.
- verify type-parameters in phrases.
- add unit of measure construction to built-in numerics.
- add some sort of simple debugging support.
- possibly improve .NET importing.
- possibly fix the nested variable bug.
- provide a CLI compiler tool for linux people.
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