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Entry 2: My Text RPG

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Wow, what a long day I've had... First I spent hours trying to keep my game "OO" but it's just too much of a pain to do so. Other then keeping my item list which has it's class and the player (encase I add a 2 player battle feature) and the monster class for making a ton of monsters, I'm not going out of my way to over kill with OOP due my lack of knowledge with using functions from my instances out of scope even though I know how to use pointers and references. Then I started out my design for the battle system, then the baby grabbed my cup which spilled all over my tablet which I use for graphic designs along with designing my programs... Thank God it still works! No more cups on my desk when holding the baby!

So I've programmed my Monster class, Player class (added a ton more things), Menu System and Battle Menu System and everything works perfectly! I've added in a refresh feature by using a game loop just to keep the screen always up to date without having it scroll and keep the old junk in the console.

Now I'm going to do the battle system and hopefully be done within a few hours. I really want to get my item system done so I can take advantage of the drop system and equipping weapons. I will also be using a real time randomize, not the classic rand because it will give you the same results every time you run the program. (Well it does for me). I did scrap the MP system for now because I wasn't even sure if I would have spells yet, I'm not going over board until I get the battle system completed.

Well, back to the grind stone!
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Im not really a C++ programmer or anything, but I believe in order to make the rand, truly random you are suppose to call srand(time(null)) or something similar to that, sorry I do not know the exact function but you may want to look it up, good luck, and I enjoy watching your progress!

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Thanks for the responses! :)

Yea, I was talking about the rand that uses time. This will ensure new results every time the program starts.

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