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Entry 3: My Text RPG

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Today was a very busy day for me. I was supposed to work on the Battle System but I choose to reprogram the entire Menu System due to a major bug. I was stupid by forgetting to make the menu change more then just the Gold amount. So I reprogrammed it and now it works for changing HP, GOLD, WEAPONS, and anything else I would like to add in the future. I had made my Menu in a class instead of just some functions in my main.cpp lying around which makes it easier to change, read and just much neater.

So far I'm almost done with the menu and I'm going to work on the Item list for the shop. I was also planning to have an inventory that stores a total of five weapons which you can sell to the shop in order to buy new weapons and keep buying healing.

I'm going to be up all night working on this stuff so hopefully by tomorrow the Menu System is done along with the Shop System and the Item System. Once all of this is done I will work on the Battle System and the game will pretty much be done. Once all of that is completed I can add a save feature, two player battles, two player co-op battles and more items... However this game isn't going to be something people will go out of there way to play because it's no Chrono Trigger but it will be a great learning experience for myself and to say I've completed it.

I'll be showing my Menu System when I'm done it fully, which should be tomorrow sometime. Well, back to work for me!
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Hmm did you make a post earlier and then delete it? I could have sworn you did...lol its really gotten me confused :P

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Yes I did, my problem is the Menu System I posted was the bad one. I didn't want to put myself to shame for posting that garbage code. :P

I decided to delete the entry then rewrite it and wait until the Menu System is finished fully before posting it. :)

So far my Inventory display works, so I'm making progress! :)

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Ahh, so I am not crazy :P...and good luck with this project, I really enjoy following your progress, Keep up the great work!!!

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