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Updatin' that

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Hopefully your Christmas was good; if I had been earlier to the punch this wouldn't have been a 2009 entry, but I suppose you'll have to put up with my late entry.

Today, I implemented the player start entity (controls where the player is "spawned" when the game loads a new level) and made guns actually consume ammunition. Since the last update, I also cleared up some asset caching issues and fiddled some more with my rigid body functionality.

My AI actors are still pretty braindead. I have a half-finished implementation of a look ray going, but I am sensing that I will soon need to figure out a solution to the pathfinding problem.
Additionally, in case you haven't caught it yet, the source code responsible for the Zune lockup has been discovered and poked at. It should be a sobering lesson about trusting your supplier (i.e. don't do it).
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