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First part in making a game

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Well, after playing around with different things and some games, it would seem that I need to get back to work. Being, I am now going to start taking the organized rought than just coding while I go along. I will start working on some documents and drawings that will make up the game. Like story and the different levels and stuff like that. My goal is a 3D game but making a fun 2D game wouldn't hurt that much.

My goal for it is to be a 2D, multiplayer shooter where you go around a map trying to kill your opponent. Would it be more fun to have the camera pointing down at the map or would it be more fun on the side like in old Metrod games, giving the game a platform type style. I have a general idea to what I want, still not eneough to make the game but enough to know where to go.

Stage 1: Research and Design (Time: ~2 months)
Stage 2: Develement prototype (Time: 2-5 months)
Stage 3: Pre-Beta status (Time: 1-2 months)
Stage 4: Beta/Beta-Release (Time: ~1 month)
Stage 5: Finish up (Time: ~1 month)
Stage 6: Release final project

Maybe I gave myself too much time in the timeline but at my level of knowledge i'll need every bit. The graphics will be the hardes since I cant draw for noodle. If I design it right then I would not need to worry about the gfx's. I'll just make it so they can be swaped out later with better ones. Wish me luck on actual FINISHING this project. I'm getting in the habit of moving to a new project right when im in the middle of another -.-

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Hello, best of luck with the project. I've yet to play any fun online 2D shooters. Looking forward to playing it when it's done! :)

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Yah, now it seems I must finish it since theirs people waiting lol. Im still wondering if I should write it with SDL or openGL. SLD would just be images and sprites and such, while openGL would allow for 2D effects and better gfx's.

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