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New Online Collaboration Tool: Stixy

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Cross-posted at Code.Implant.

I've seen a few of these new, higher fidelity collaboration tools under development, but this one is rich. Stixy.com is an online collaboration tool for notes, photos, documents, and todo lists. The site recently went from private beta to public beta, and bets of all it's free.

Rather than share a bunch of documents, you create a Stixyboard, which you can then share and collaborate on any note, photo, document, or todo list that you place on that Stixyboard, including copying and pasting or linking to any website. This is a bit different from most collaboration tools where you collaborate on the document itself and not on a "board". Very neat.

I played around with their demo Stixyboards and I'm impressed. Every object on the board has attributes that can be tweaked. For instance, you change an image to be color, sepia, or black/white, or you can select a note and change the note color and font. Of course, you can resize and position objects wherever you want on the board, too.

It reminds me a bit of Microsoft's NetMeeting, but for the web. My only immediate gripe is that responsiveness is too slow, but 1) it's in beta, and 2) it's a browser-based tool.

Stixy definitely has potential, though. We'll see what happens.
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