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Welcome to 2009!

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Jason Z


Hieroglyph 3
I have decided to make the Hieroglyph 3 engine updates a long term goal. I have a good idea of how I want to structure things, but it is going to take some time to get everything properly designed. I'm alright with taking my time with it, since I have spent so much time developing Hieroglyph 2. I'd like to spend some time on an actual application instead of only developing an engine...

With that in mind, I have resurrected an old project of mine called Feedback. The concept is to allow the user to build their own machines to accomplish various tasks. The game is based around the PhysX physics api, which is the physics engine for Hieroglyph 2. As an engineer, I had to tie in the 'feedback' portion of the game, which is to allow the user to combine various sensors and actuators into a feedback loop for controlling their machines. This let's the user come up with quite a few possible solutions to a given problem - which I hope fosters creative solutions.

When I left the development of Feedback, I had created the object system for building the machines themselves. There are only a few actuators, many types of joints, and no sensors yet. Even so, the basic framework is there and ready to be built upon. I look forward to continuing work on the project - especially with the new GUI and material system that I have added to the engine!

I suspect that Feedback will be the primary target of this journal for the coming months, so expect to see some more info on the project!

Here's a quick screen shot of a motor - simple, but fun to play with...

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Wow that sounds like a really cool idea! I've seen some similar, in concept, 2D flash web-based physics games that require you to link things together around motors to move melons (or something) to a target.
They have an amazing power to grab peoples attention then hold them enthralled due to the fact that they're playing with something so intuitively understood.

I'm looking forward to reasing more about it!

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