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Entry 7: My Text RPG

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Well I've complete my small project and I'm glad I was able to do it. I ended up scrapping the rand(time) feature because I didn't really have any use for EXP. The project wasn't going to be big enough to have to worry about leveling up. So I made your EXP determine what item drops for each enemy.

You can download the source code here:


I didn't go out of my way to really spend any time on the balance part because the only reason I started this project was to see if I could do it and to really finish something in C++ that isn't Tic Tac Toe.

My plan now is to get started on my other project. I'll be working on a graphical game now and I wont be giving really any information out until screen shots are ready. I'm not one to tell people what I plan on doing unless I have something really made.

So far my experience with C++ has been great! Even though I was using Visual BASIC for 6 years, I will not be going back to BASIC any time soon. Regardless of how much time it might take to code something in C++. I'm glad I picked C++!
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Congratulations on finishing your project!! Its actually a big deal, especially with projects like this since most go unfinished haha.

(also applied to your previous post, not sure if you get an update or something)

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Thanks! I did notice that a lot of projects never get completed, that's why I didn't give up on my project when I messed up the code and had to reprogram the whole game from the ground up. When I get started on something I'll finish even if I have to redo it all. This project gave me a lot of ideas of what not to do and to keep everything as small as possible if passing by reference.

Thanks for all the feedback throughout the project time.

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