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Damping that.

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So I did a bit of work on Afterglow today. Big things that are on the docket:

The player getting injured notifies the game state. You get a nice red flash that isn't too distracting.

You can shoot NPCs. My poor twin assistant received many explosive bullets to the face from my modified HK-64 (now with more blowoff valve). You can see
">a video here. It's really short, but it gives a general idea of what's going on with a riff of Seabound in the background.

Player statistics affect gunplay. Something that's new for Afterglow is that I've changed the way your weapon skill affects your guns. In Glow, upping your weapon skill increased your accuracy as well as your maximum damage. This means that if you had something like all your points put into weapon skill, you could kill people with the worst guns in the game.

I've inverted this; in Afterglow, putting points into gun skill increases your minimum damage. In Afterglow, an HK-64 causes 15-25 damage for an untrained gun wielder; once you put a few levels into Weapons you will then cause 18-25 damage, and so on. I have to do some more playtesting before I figure out if this system sticks, but I like it for the realism even though it cuts into Glow's characteristic psychotic endgame. Trust me, though, there'll be plenty of opportunities to make pistols that cause 750 damage. You are talking to me after all.

For instance, notice how I now have explosive bullets. Is it possible you could find a Bonesaw and then modify it so it fires a wall of fast-moving high-explosive tipped bullets? No, that would be too crazy, right?
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