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Stage 1: Update 1

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So this is my first update on the road to a 2d multi-player shooter. Thx to some help on the forum I will be using RakNet for the networking side of the game. I have not looked at it yet or the docs so I hope getting it working does not kill me in the process.

Network ToDO List:
Create Game:
-Name Entry
-Number of players
-Enter IP Address
-Port Number

Update*Decided to make it in DirectX 9*
The style I choice is a side shooter so that will make thinks easyer for me on the art side.

Game ToDo List:
-Player Sprite's
-Weapon Spec. Sheets
-Weapon Sprite's
-Simple Map Maker
-Tile Sheets

The list might still increase as I go along. I am wondering if or not to add the map maker into the program. Since ill just be making 3 or so maps for the release no nee for a map maker, but if I do then others can make their own maps then. Looks like its off to bed for me hope to be going to stage 2 in a few weeks or less.
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